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M/s THE EMINENT ARCHITECTS, an established Construction (Civil & Interior Outfits) & Project Management firm, have started business from 2011. The firm specializes in serving clients for whom the workplace is an important part of their business – specifically in the Residential, Corporate offices, Educational, Healthcare, Real Estate Development, Professional Services.

Our team of talented Engineers (Civil, Electrical & Mechanical), Skilled foremen of all fields (Civil, Electrical & Mechanical), Skilled Technical Worker (Carpenters, Iron Smiths, Painters), Associated Architects & Interior Designers, use an interactive Construction methodology with design approach and most advanced Construction technology to integrate the input of those who will use the space into every aspect of the design & make a place a livable entity

The individuals of the company have evolved in the market as Construction Project Managers / Service providers through the projects accomplished in the field & have registered themselves with different institution – For Architecture in Pakistan Council of Architects & Town Planners (PCATP) & Institute of Architects, Pakistan (IAP) & For Management in Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM)

The Company has rendered its services as Construction Project Managers, listed Vendors, Civil Works Contractors, Interior Outfit Contractors, Service providers, in and around Karachi and different areas of Sind and beyond too, this have developed a strong and long-lasting relationship with our Clients and associated Architects engaged with us.

In Short, the policy of the company is to create a safe working environment not only for its employees but also for the people and property. Similarly, the Company’s management has given top priority for maintaining the high standards of quality and adhering to the specialization of work and is proud of its top-quality construction and maintains high standard in all these times.



Author Since:  December 28, 2019


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