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Lamudi Launches New Innovative Real Estate App

Managing your property portfolio just got easier thanks to the latest cutting-edge app from Lamudi Pakistan. Their original app took the stress out of house hunting, but this ingenious release is exclusively for agents and sellers; promising to make day to day tasks a fluid, streamlined and hassle-free process. In

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Pakistan’s Tax Policy Scaring off Investors

Pakistanis living overseas are a key contributor to the real estate economy in the country but are recent tax changes discouraging these invaluable investors? After four years of acting like a bull, the real estate market in Pakistan appears to be cooling down, according to analysts at Industry experts

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Lamudi Pakistan Announces Half-Year Results for 2016

Lamudi today announced its half-year results for 2016, showing good performance underpinning strong business growth. 30 May 2016 99 percent increase in paid clients 104 percent rise in website traffic 87% net revenue growth Lamudi marked its best half-year performance ever, with net revenue up 87 percent compared to 2015. More

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Rising Internet Adoption Has Positive Effect on RealEstate

Access to the internet is changing real estate in the emerging markets All over the world, the internet is changing societies; from how people book their holidays to how they purchase property. In the real estate industry, the internet has already made huge waves. The movement away from traditional methods

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