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Does outdoor lighting increase home value?

Does outdoor lighting increase home value? When it comes to home values, outdoor lighting is often a big part of that equation. New Orleans is a city with a very high real estate valuation, and many people think that because New Orleans has such a high real estate valuation, outdoor

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BY KRISTINE DEMARIA Reclaimed wood is a popular design trend today. This versatile building material has quickly gained momentum with some of the top designers and architects, and you’ll see it gracing commercial buildings across the globe. Fittingly, reclaimed wood has a long and storied past. The reclaiming of wood stretches back

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Karachi to become a City in the Clouds

At the moment, Bahria Town Icon (938 feet) is the tallest building in Karachi and Pakistan. It stretches 62 stories has ten floors of offices, 40 floors of apartments, and Pakistan’s highest terraced restaurant—the Altitude. But this is only the tip of the iceberg as over 100 high-rises are currently

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Four Exciting Home Decor Design Trends

In Pakistan, design trends change quickly so to get a grasp of the ever evolving fashion movements, we sent out a few men on the ground to find out what is hot in home decor in Pakistan. Basements are back If you are privileged enough to have a basement in

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A concrete house inside a cliff

Believe it or not! A house is being built inside a cliff It will be topped by an infinity pool that doubles as a skylight LEBANON: A madcap proposal for a concrete house inside a cliff went viral last year – and now it’s set to be built, thanks to

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