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  • Posted Date November 23, 2021
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Professional CV Writers: Tips From CV Writers Part I

In this article I will cover some inside tips given from resume writing service and professional cv writers. Do as they do and you will win in creating a professional CV.

Selecting your industry

A professional linkedin profile writer will first enquire into the industry you want to work in. This step is important as it determines the later steps to create a professional CV. The format in which you write a professional CV and the design of your CV should match the industry you are submitting the CV to. Specialist terms which show knowledge of the type of job you are applying for can be researched and used throughout the CV. A professional CV writer will ensure the positioning of the CV matches exactly your skills set and create around this.

Entering skills and personality traits

Any good CV writing service will also include a checklist of attributes, personality traits and more. This is used by the CV writer to determine your areas of strength as an individual. Such personality traits will include: “Goal Orientated”, “Intelligent”, “Dedicated”, “Positive”, “Ethical”, “Driven” etc.

Though this is one of the reasons most people opt to buy resume online you can accomplish this yourself if you assume the view of an external cv writer and write about yourself in 3rd person. Find a list of traits from online questionnaires and use this to add a section to your professional CV.

Aspirations and goals

One of the main things forgotten by someone who writes their own cv is adding their aspirations and goals. A good CV writing professional will always get into this and make a point of presenting it in your CV. A pro CV writer will ask you questions like, “What is lacking in your current role or company to make you decide on a career move?” or directly, “what are your career aspirations?” If you haven’t worked this out for yourself by the time you start creating your CV you had better stop and have a good hard think about this. It is important in these days of quick job turnovers that employers or recruiters see you are someone with a goal and want to work towards something bigger than just collecting your pay check. The highest paid employees are those with ambition and direction.



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