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By: Willie Miller
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  • Posted Date November 10, 2021
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Business Coursework
Business coursework writing requires your full attention. If your business coursework should be written on a specific case study, you need to develop a detailed outline before writing it. We deliver custom written coursework on time as we understand that deadline is of primary importance! Our prices are flexible and you may choose the pricing solution which meets your wants and needs!


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Business Coursework Excerpts
One important change which takes place periodically in the market for listed securities is a shifting of holdings between the margin speculators and the class of semi-permanent investors. A considerable amount of stock, especially in the case of established dividend-payers, is held by investors who have paid for their stock outright or are carrying it in collateral loans at banks; at least they hold it in their own rather than in brokers’ names. Most investors of this class pay little attention to ordinary fluctuations in quotations, but will become sellers if prices go up far beyond their expectations, and will buy their stocks back when they are convinced that they are cheap. There is evidence that this class of buyers as a whole get the better of the active speculators in the game of give and take. This is shown by the great increase in brokers’ loans in times of high stock prices, and is confirmed by published figures relative to the ownership of the stocks’ of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the United States Steel Corporation. The proportion of these stocks held in the names of individuals regularly goes up in times of stock market depression, while that held in brokers’ names increases in stock market booms.

The fact that this load is thrown on the speculative market in times of stock exchange prosperity and drawn off in times when prices are low and the market is dull helps to account for the behavior of the market, but it does not of itself explain the tendency of the advances and declines to forecast similar changes in general business activity. Investors do not have access, any more than do margin speculators, to any secret method of forecasting business prosperity and depression. There is another class of traders, however, who do have advance information. These are the so-called insiders. A considerable fraction of the stock of nearly every corporation is “closely held.” It is owned by affiliated corporations, or by officers of the corporation itself, and by the families of the founders of the business, and of the active management. Much of this stock will not come on the market no matter how strongly its owners may be convinced that the price is too high, but a considerable fraction may. Control of a profitable business is not to be jeopardized, nor is a market usually broken deliberately by insiders, but the size of the management’s holdings need not be, and in fact is not, constant.


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