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Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan

National level representative organization of Builders and Developers

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Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD) is a national level representative organization of the Builders and Developers, registered under the 1984 Companies Ordinance with the Registration No. KARACHI No. 4967 of 1977-78 and licensed under the Trade Organizations Ordinance 2007, affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI). It was formed in 1972 with the aim and objective of unifying and streamlining the construction activities of the private sector.

The main objectives and goals of ABAD are as following:

  • Unifying builders and developers for their collective good.
  • Promotion of housing industry in the country.
  • Provide assistance to the Government for the formulation of their housing policy and plans.
  • Coordination between the members of ABAD, the government and other agencies.
  • Dealing with the problems faced by the members in the implementation of their projects.
  • Organized research.
  • Awareness and training program to promote the science and art of building.
  • We are actively working to eliminate unethical business practices in housing and development.
  • Explore the perspectives of large-scale projects in the public sector and then act as a consortium of ABAD members to secure and execute the projects.

Today, ABAD has more than 800 leading construction companies in its fold. Most of its offices are equipped with state-of-the-art planning systems, cost control, project management and the latest construction techniques to minimize construction costs. The association works on democratic lines with the election of One Chairman, Senior Vice Chairman, Vice Chairman, Regional Chairman and Managing Committees and One Chairman from each of its two regions i.e., Southern Region and Northern Region for a full term of year. The elected office bearers for the term 2016 -2017 are Mr. Mohsin Sheikhani, Chairman – ABAD, Mr. Mohammed Hassan Bakshi, Senior Vice Chairman ABAD, Mr. Muhammad Ayoob, Chairman Southern Region ABAD, Mr. Akber Sheikh, Chairman Northern Region ABAD and Mr. Faraz Hussain Memon, Vice Chairman of Sub-Region Hyderabad (South Region) ABAD.

As a representative organization of builders and developers in the country, ABAD has made a valuable contribution to the formulation of the National Housing Policy, Sindh Building Control Authority Ordinance and Bye-Laws of Cantonment Boards. It also played a leading role in securing and increasing the component of housing loans House Building Finance Corporation as well as the allocation to HBFC in the Federal Budget.

In Karachi, ABAD played a central role in the purchase of land for its members and for the NOC of the Karachi Development Authority. Other important achievements of the ABAD are the increase in the area covered by the apartments, the fixing of the sale price of the housing units, including an escalation offer, the simplification of the mortgage authorization procedure and the registration of leases, increasing the period and streamline documentation procedures on a regular basis.

As a socially responsible organization, in addition to the core functions mentioned above, ABAD also extends donations and other forms of support to institutions and social welfare organizations they deserve. A safe haven for life is recognized worldwide as a fundamental human right, and is the vision of ABAD’s efforts and projects.

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