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The Architecture and History Newcastle’s Central Station

The Architecture and History Newcastle’s Central Station Railway architecture is an exciting and monumental part of architectural history. This article discusses one of the best railway architectures in the United Kingdom – the Newcastle Central Station and why it is so special. The Early Days The early Railway Age history

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Central Library of Bahawalpur

The Central Library of Bahawalpur (سنٹرل لائبریری بھاولپور) is an old and worth mentioning library of Pakistan located in Bahawalpur city of Punjab province. It has the great collections of antique books. The building itself is a piece of art which construction started in 1927 people of Bahawalpur devoted 100000

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Chauburji: The journey of a Garden to Crossroad

Chauburji (pronounced as چوبرجی‎ in Urdu, while ‘Chau’ means ‘four’ and ‘burji’ means tower) is one of the most famous monuments among the structures and buildings of the Mughal era in the city of Lahore Pakistan. In the historic city of Lahore on the road that leads southwards to Multan,

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Forgotten tombs of Shahdra

Walled city of Lahore Authority is doing excellent work and has taken care of several monuments within old Lahore, but Shahdra Bagh still awaits its savior Thanks to Archeological Survey of India’s online 360 degrees walkthroughs, I have spent the past few days visiting landmark Mughal monuments on my screen.

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علامہ اقبال مسجد قرطبہ میں

( حکیم راحت نسیم سوہدروی)  تاریخ اسلام میں سپہ سالار طارق بن زیاد کی قیادت میں اندلس کی فتح کے بعد مسلمانوں نے وہاں ساڑھے سات سو سال سے زیادہ عرصہ تک حکومت کی۔یورپ کی اس عظیم الشان سلطنت کو علم و حکمت اور فنون کا مرکز بنا کر اس

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Reimagining Iqbal at the Mosque of Cordoba

By: USMAN HAYAT اے حرم قرطبہ عشق سے تیرا وجود عشق سراپا دوام جس میں نہیں رفت و بود O’ sacred place of Cordoba, you exist because of Ishq Ishq that’s wholly eternal, which does not come and go Iqbal praying at the mosque of Cordoba.

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