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Choosing the location of the washing machine in  your home  is one of the most perplexing decisions, as it is linked to some factors that ultimately decide the direction of your choice of the appropriate place for it, whether it is in the  kitchen, bathroom or other places. You may not think that it is suitable for hosting a washing machine, but it may be the best solution, today we will show us simple, uncomplicated  places that are suitable for accommodating a washing machine without affecting the shape and decor of those rooms in which it is placed.

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1- In the ceiling of the kitchen

Also an unusual idea where we allocate enough space and with the same dimensions of the electric washing machine after providing drainage, water pipes and electricity at the top. Choosing this usual place for kitchen cabinets will be an attractive thing in design, especially if the shape of the washing machine itself is exciting and modern and in line with the size of the rest of the color Other cabinets in the kitchen 

2- In the bathroom wall

A non-genius idea and not expensive at all, just a hole in the wall after providing drainage pipes, feeding water and electricity to the washing machine and preparing the ceramics and the place well to accommodate it, and here it is necessary to take into account the color of the washing machine and its consistency with the bathroom decor so that its use is a positive factor in the design not the opposite 

3- In a normal room

In one of the  ordinary rooms, such as the living or the office, you can choose one of the sides in it and make it designated to accommodate the electric washing machine with the use of some tricks that camouflage and cause optical illusions for those who enter the room so that he does not notice the washing machines, but his eyes go to camouflage, in this model we notice the camouflage of the room by the color of the horse The brutality and the use of washing machines in almost the same color, which hides it completely and only makes it visible as an accessory that helps in the beauty of the design.

4- In the bathroom next to the wall

You can design an area and an integrated unit for washing in your bathroom inside a cabinet with a wall, whether concrete or glass, and design the shelves required to accomplish the entire task of washing and storing clothes before washing. When you do not need to use the washing machine at any time, you can completely close the door on that area as if it had not no longer exist.

5- usual

The most prevalent idea in the Arab countries is to use the kitchen marble as a ceiling for the washing machine, and to design the entire shelf basically to be centimeters above the washing machine so that we can put a washing machine or two below it.

6- open area

In the bathroom or in a space attached to them, you can design an integrated laundry room with everything you need to complete the cleaning process for clothes and furnishings and be independent without any ideas out of the ordinary except to take advantage of the space, which is usually a little small

7- In the dressing room

Design a small place that accommodates the washing machine in your dressing room if there is enough space for that. It is necessary to use tight methods for water and drainage lines in those rooms that are full of fabrics and furnishings, unlike the bathroom and kitchen, so make sure that there is an appropriate and precisely equipped place to accommodate the washing machine or Any other appliances in that room such as ironing tools, etc. 


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