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The Architecture and History Newcastle’s Central Station

The Architecture and History Newcastle’s Central Station Railway architecture is an exciting and monumental part of architectural history. This article discusses one of the best railway architectures in the United Kingdom – the Newcastle Central Station and why it is so special. The Early Days The early Railway Age history

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Does outdoor lighting increase home value?

Does outdoor lighting increase home value? When it comes to home values, outdoor lighting is often a big part of that equation. New Orleans is a city with a very high real estate valuation, and many people think that because New Orleans has such a high real estate valuation, outdoor

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BY KRISTINE DEMARIA Reclaimed wood is a popular design trend today. This versatile building material has quickly gained momentum with some of the top designers and architects, and you’ll see it gracing commercial buildings across the globe. Fittingly, reclaimed wood has a long and storied past. The reclaiming of wood stretches back

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The Eminent Architects

  M/s THE EMINENT ARCHITECTS, an established Construction (Civil & Interior Outfits) & Project Management firm, have started business from 2011. The firm specializes in serving clients for whom the workplace is an important part of their business – specifically in the Residential, Corporate offices, Educational, Healthcare, Real Estate Development,

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A New 3D Printer Designed Specifically for Architects

Plato Ark is a new, user-friendly 3D printer that solves many of the problems architects face with traditional 3D printers. You can waste as much time with a custom 3D printer that tries to set up the printer or calibrate its nozzle. Additionally, you may be in situations where the normal printer

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Forgotten tombs of Shahdra

Walled city of Lahore Authority is doing excellent work and has taken care of several monuments within old Lahore, but Shahdra Bagh still awaits its savior Thanks to Archeological Survey of India’s online 360 degrees walkthroughs, I have spent the past few days visiting landmark Mughal monuments on my screen.

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The Sufism inside Architecture of Sindh

The Sufism inside Architecture of Sindh By: Muhammad Aslam Mustafavvi A research collection about Islamic Studies in Architecture of Sindh for my Thesis project “THE INTERNATIONAL SUFI UNIVERSITY AT BHITT SHAH SINDH PAKISTAN” I am Dedicating this collection to my younger brother Muhammad Akram Mustafavi, Department of Mechanical, Govt. College

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A concrete house inside a cliff

Believe it or not! A house is being built inside a cliff It will be topped by an infinity pool that doubles as a skylight LEBANON: A madcap proposal for a concrete house inside a cliff went viral last year – and now it’s set to be built, thanks to

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